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We’re a remote-first app developer.

We look forward to starting work every day (seriously) and know you would too. Our team is based across many countries but united by our vision to create cutting-edge products and to spread kindness. Want to join us? 
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Meet our Leadership Team

We're building innovative products, rapidly scaling, and proud to be one of the very few self-funded businesses in our field. As a Founder & CEO, this gives me the freedom to influence strategy to make fast and effective decisions.
Roman, Founder & CEO
Building the very best products requires exceptional people, top-notch tech solutions, and seamless processes. As Founder & CTO/COO, it’s my mission to constantly innovate and create unique products that our users will love.
Artem, Founder & CTO/COO
We are always working on new initiatives for our team. As Head of People & Talent I am honoured and excited to have the support of our Founders to build something different and extraordinary for our team.
Yulia, Head of People & Talent

Our Values


Kindness is what drives us. By that, we mean the way we treat each other. We make it our mission to choose people who show respect and empathy.


We want everyone to feel included, seen, comfortable, and confident to be themselves. We’ve had the privilege of cherry-picking our team on an international scale and we encourage diversity to gain insight into a range of cultures (and climates!).


We know there’s more to life than work. Our flexible and remote approach allows us to look after ourselves, while still enjoying a job we love.


Every day is a learning curve at Ruby Labs, and we aim to keep it that way. As a start-up, we’re always experimenting. We welcome new ideas and a fresh perspective. If you know something we don’t, then we want to hear it. Learning is ingrained in our culture; every opportunity is a lesson to be learned.

Life at Ruby Labs

“We are encouraged to think outside the box and be innovative. It’s been a dream to have this kind of freedom: both creatively and with the flexible working. I feel genuinely excited to work with the team every day and by the potential for professional growth.“
"Working at Ruby Labs has empowered me to grow professionally and personally. We are a remote company with incredible team spirit, always eager to help each other. This is a place with reward, acknowledgement and limitless opportunities."
“Ruby Labs has a visionary approach to work. The company realizes that you can throw the rulebook out of the window and find better ways of doing things. It’s been an honor to be given so much creative freedom and to be able to experiment. I’ve learned so much!“
“I was looking for a job with challenges, cutting edge technologies and also a place where I will be constantly learning something new. This is exactly how we roll at RubyLabs. Atmosphere of fast growing startup is always keeping me focused and never lets me feel bored.“
“Being part of Ruby Labs allows me to grow professionally every day. I constantly learn from my colleagues in addition to contributing to my experience. Being a designer here is a great challenge. Innovation and creativity are part of our daily work and that’s amazing!“

Our Team Map

When we say we are a remote team, we really do mean it.
We’re based in the UK, Spain, Malta, France, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, and many more places. We’ve been remote-first from day one to foster diversity, inclusion, and a flexible working culture.

Perks & Benefits

Flexible Working Environment

We trust that you’ll do your job to the highest level and be there when we really need you. In return, we’ll offer you a flexible culture. So if you need to start later, finish earlier, or take a longer break, that’s fine with us. We get that you have a life outside of work!

Culture of Continuous Learning

At Ruby Labs, we encourage our team to learn and grow and do everything we can to support that. We aren’t afraid to experiment either. New ideas, new technology, and a fresh pair of eyes are always welcome.

Incredibly Talented Team-mates

We seek out brilliant, motivated people who are passionate about creating user-friendly apps. So you can be certain that you’ll be surrounded by inspirational colleagues. Come and help us build something amazing.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Matters

We are extremely proud and excited to forge partnership with Sanctus, mental health and wellbeing coaching provider. Our Sanctus coaches will support our team in a safe and confidential 1-1 coaching session and is available to all RL Team Members.

Technical Stack

Cutting-edge technology lets us stay ahead of the game, so we can shape our products to reflect our users' ever-changing needs.


User Testing
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects

Data & Analytics

GCP / BigQuery




Google PubSub




React JS




Swift 5.X
RxSwift / Combine

Interview Process

We take a fair and collaborative approach to recruitment. We offer an efficient interview process to ensure we are respectful of everyone’s time and effort and record our interviews to make the final assessment. Your personal data is handled very carefully and interview recordings are not shared with anyone outside the hiring team. We follow all GDPR guidelines and all interview recordings are stored for up to 90 days then automatically deleted, or deleted at your request.


1st stage
A 30-minute Zoom interview with a member of our Talent Acquisition Team. We would love to get to know you better and answer your questions about the role and the team.


2nd stage
A one-hour Zoom call with the Hiring Manager and sometimes a colleague. We do most of our skills assessments via the interview, but some roles will also require you to complete a short task.


3rd stage
Meet a member of the Senior Leadership Team on Zoom. This could be one of our Co-Founders or Head of People & Talent. Come prepared with any questions you may have for us.

Meet our Talent Team

Building a fully remote team is something totally outside-of-the-box. It’s not only about finding professionals with relevant skills, it’s also about meeting different cultures, hearing amazing stories, and sharing experiences. At the end of the day, we are all only human, aren’t we?
Szymon, Talent Acquisition Partner
Our Talent Team is here to support and guide you through the recruitment process and aim to provide you with a great candidate experience. From the recruitment screening call to the final interview, you can rely on us should you have any needs or questions.
Giovanni, Talent Acquisition Partner

Ruby Labs Q&A

What should I do to prepare for the interview?
As a remote company we hold our interviews via Zoom, so do make sure you have a working camera and a good internet connection. Before meeting us, please read the job description and prepare some examples to showcase your previous experience in your field.
How do you work with remote team members?
We offer regular employment in the UK or Malta, or a Contractor Agreement for our team members based in other European countries.
Can I work from anywhere in the world?
We are focusing on growing our team across the UK and Europe, and are happy for you to work from anywhere in these locations, providing you don’t need visa sponsorship for the country of residence. If you’re based in Europe, then you will provide us with consultancy services.
How do you collaborate in a remote environment?
We use Slack and Zoom to hold regular team catchups and company meetings.
Do you ever meet up as a company?
A lot of our growth has happened in 2021, during the pandemic, so unfortunately most of our team members have only met each other virtually. We are constantly monitoring the restrictions and hopefully this will change soon!

Open Positions

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