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Our aim is to build high-value products that users will be excited to purchase and use continuously.
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Navigate through life with the help of astrology

Educating people by simplifying astrology for greater awareness.

Health & Fitness


Create a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

Helping improve people's health and quality of life by
providing the tools and knowledge to make mindful lifestyle decisions.

Motivates Us

We’re driven by a passion for growing mobile apps that enable market transformations and revolutionise technology. Our products are backed by in-depth market analysis, focused and robust development teams, and strategic marketing investments.

Our values

“When we are kind, it is not only good for the object of our kindness; it is also good for our own health and happiness.” Professor Stephen Post, author of “Why Good Things Happen to Good People”
Cultivate a work environment where all team members feel respected, treated fairly, empowered, recognized, safe, and heard—one where they have the opportunity to excel. An environment in which everyone truly feels included.
Work-life balance is the state of equilibrium where a team member equally prioritizes the demands of one's career and the demands of one's personal life.
Constant personal and professional growth. More than just acquiring new skills, it’s about learning from our experiences and seeing failure as a path to success.

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You will be joining a strong team of >40 people passionate about building the best-in-class product. RL has incredible team members, users, and ambitions... which is where you come in.
Build your remote career at Ruby Labs from anywhere in the world. We have been working remote from day one, and know how to make it work.
Be a master of your craft, and gain new ones. You will work alongside the best of the best, focusing on your core skills...not attending meetings about scheduling meetings.
Ruby Labs business is driven by a unifying goal… helping each other meet our ultimate ambitions, professionally and personally.

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