About us

Ruby Labs is a leading tech company that operates subscription-based consumer products in the self-help and wellness market.
Ruby Labs started in 2018 in London, UK, as a collaboration between two friends with extensive expertise in business, technology and marketing.
Our common vision is to create a tech company that builds a world-class self-help and wellness platform, to empower people to make self-care a way of life. A platform that is easily accessible for everyone and enjoyed for years. Since our launch, we've brought two successful products to the global market: Able and Hint, and are on track to launch a third in 2022.
We loved the opportunity we saw in the self-help and wellness market: the pace of growth, the difficult business and technology problems that favor the few who are smart enough to solve them, the infinite variety of use cases, and the lack of multi-product companies in the field, as self-help does not stop with one vertical.
Through incredibly hard work, smart thinking, and plenty of creativity, we have built some very popular products. We believe in being analytical, technologically advanced and ultra-structured.
Our next frontier is to become one of the greatest companies in the self-help and wellness market, and then apply all that we've learnt to other industries in our never-ending quest to build an extraordinary company. If our plans sound exciting, why not reach out to us? We’d love to hear from you.

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Our Values

Ruby Labs is founded on values we all share and are ready to stand for. They bring us together well beyond our current products and technologies. They’ve defined our identity since the beginning, and they’ll continue to do so, no matter how our business evolves.

Driven by data

We believe in knowledge and continuously champion learning and experimentation. As we are relentlessly driven by data, we place value on rationality and real insights, not unproven beliefs.


We praise smart innovation. We’re inquisitive, exact and always challenge our beliefs. Like a researcher, we take established knowledge and add something new. We create something better than the original, not just different.

Dream big

In an industry where only the best products succeed, prioritizing our work is a must. We don’t waste time on low-key projects. We only go after the most disruptive, effective and exceptional ideas.


To get the best results, you need to see the full picture. That’s why our team has access to all information and is involved in key decisions. We also give each other honest feedback, so we can learn and improve.


Self-help & wellness is a competitive industry with demanding users. Excellence is a necessity. At Ruby Labs, this means solving problems by breaking the rules, learning quickly and delivering superior execution.


We’re open to experiments and ready to take measured risks to get great results. We also value diversity and know the power of collective intelligence. If you have a better solution, we want to hear it.

We’re growing fast and hiring a lot

We are big on team spirit and seek out exceptional people. Want to be part of this adventure?